Resolutions Update

February 3, 2014



This year almost all the resolutions I made have been in conjunction with other people.  It’s ups the ante.  When one of my best Laura’s agrees to try a new restaurant once a month, I take it seriously.  When my best Holly agrees to run a 5k with me once a month and shows up at 7 AM even when she’s hungover, I show up too.

January resolutions are done and done, on the same day even.  Saturday, I met Holly at crossfit at 7:00 to run a 5k.  One a month whether official or not.  It took us a while on the icy sidewalks, but the constant chatting made the time fly by.  We even had enough energy to stay for class after at 8:00.

Double workout meant double carbs at lunch.  I met one of my best Laura’s at Palermo for lunch at 1:00 where we ate all the breads and pastas and cheeses.  We shared our dreams and our struggles.  We laughed and got off topic and went out for ice cream even though we were stuffed.

2014’s resolutions are about other people.  And as a result, I couldn’t be happier.

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