Maple Roasted Butternut Squash

October 4, 2011

October.  Welcome.

roasted butternut squash

Your first challenge to me: the butternut squash. I bought this bad boy over 2 weeks ago from a stand on the side of the road. I had plans for fall posts and extravagant recipes.

So many plans that I scared myself.

I took butters here to the beach with me hoping one of my family members would look at it and say, “Oh jeepers! I was hoping to find a butternut squash to roast this week.”

Can you believe that didn’t happen?

I bet you can believe I roasted the toughness right out of that there squash.

roasted butternut squash

I added maple syrup and spices and smelled up my house real good. I wanted to hug my oven. He helped me conquer and delicify butters.




Recipe from 5 dollar dinners.

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