hello 2016

January 1, 2016

stolen from @ourgypsycamp on instagram

Image stolen from @ourgypsycamp because cardinals are the birds of my heart.

Hello, 2016.

Hello new year. I can’t start you without first telling 2015 so long.

2015 you were startlingly impressive. We started together in a destitute place. By the end, my life looks completely different. Many years-long prayer requests answered, years-long struggles finalized, and years-long dreams accomplished. You were a a bedlam of positive change.

Which leads me to greeting 2016, hi there. Hi stability. Hello good things, small successes, and diligence. It’s not that I necessarily want you to be quiet, 2016, don’t get me wrong. Hello hydration and dead hang pull ups. Hello thrifting and budget setting. Hey, new adventures. Travel and experiences and antics.

2016, let’s set this year ablaze.

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