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February 6, 2015

Check out this image I made using Diptic!


So you know how in the morning when you’ve just adopted a four year-old puppy sometimes he likes to snuggle in your lap because he’s just not a morning dog?  Then you skip his morning walk (because what harm could that do?) and run late too work since you lost track of time making puppy eyes at your puppy.  And when you get home, you think it’s all gonna be peaceful now the hectic day is over but your not walked puppy is a crazy person?

Tale as old as time.

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit because of snuggles.  Sorry not sorry.

1. Dress by Yumi via StitchFix and boots by Steve Madden.

2. Sweater by Fate, Kensie jeans (both via StitchFix), and Clark’s Desert boots.

Linkity, link, links!

  • This robot movie is beautiful and unnerving.
  • Bookish Valentine’s shirt: read to me. Cute for any time of year really.
  • 10 incredible Instagrams: not to compare yourself to but to inspire you.
  • Wanna send something special to that guy/gal that broke your heart? The San Fransisco zoo has the answer.
  • Not sure what to read next? This website may have a suggestion.

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