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February 7, 2014

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Every time I see those sad commercials on TV about starving children, I want to do something.  For those 30 seconds or minute, I’m moved.  I’m so, so blessed in my life.  I can afford to go without Starbucks a few days or make my lunch instead of buying it so that a child can go to school, eat, drink clean water, and live a safer life.  It’s not a a big sacrifice on my part.

But then as those commercials continue I think, do these people really help children? do these people have the same values that I have? are these people crooks?  And I find myself not doing anything.  I don’t investigate or research.  No one gets helped.

Last week Joy the Baker went to Uganda with Compassion International.  She told me about how they are helping people.  They are partnering with local churches to save children.  They are loving on people.  This is something that I want to be a part of.  This is a company that shares my values: they are Christ centered and they love on hurting people.

Today I signed up to sponsor Maria.  She’s four.  She lives in Uganda.  She’s beautiful.  I can’t wait to start my relationship with this child.  The satisfaction I get from this feels like it cost a lot more than $38 a month.

  • Cadena

    Yay!! It’s great to help through Compassion! Enjoy! I bet she’d like little sticker sheets in her letters! And pictures painted/drawn by you!

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