Awkward Chuckle

April 24, 2017

This picture does not do the purpleness of the top clouds justice.. but it'll do #rva #nofilter

You ever bump into someone when you’re not expecting to and then feel the need to give them awkward updates about your life? Yeah… I feel like that’s where we are. So here we go.

What I’m listening to: I just finished S-Town. This podcast makes you start thinking it’s one thing to completely turn into another. By the time I reached the end, I wasn’t entirely sure what I had just listened to, but it had made me think diversely and deeply. Mission accomplished. Infomocracy by Malka Older is a dystopian novel hinging on an election. Hits a little close to home.

What I’m watching: 13 Reasons Why on Netflix has me firmly in this couch. Also, What If is charming and witty.

What I’m reading: Romance. Lots and lots of romance.


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