Top 5 Winter Must Haves

December 16, 2014

Christmas is almost here and I have a tip for you to save money and shop easy.  Have you heard of It’s this awesome site that buys cards you no longer want and sells discounted gift cards.  That’s like free money, people!  They have hundreds of brands and stores available.  In fact, here are 5 of my must haves for winter that you can get at stores Raise sells gift cards for:

PicMonkey Collage 1PicMonkey Collage 2

1. Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Romantic.  A bright bold lip color is essential in winter’s dreary months.  I love this one from Revlon.  And as Taylor Swift says, I got that classic, red lip thing that you like.

2. Burt’s Bees Therapeutic Hand Cream.  Dry cracked skin is my least favorite thing about winter.  But Burt’s Bees hand cream really saves the day.  It’s small and easy to throw in a purse or book bag.

3. TOMS wool slippers. Cold toes are not cute.  These wool lined slippers from TOMS are functional and fashionable.  Plus they’re small and easy to take when traveling in addition to being one for one.  Buy a pair of these, and TOMS will give a pair of shoes to someone in need.

4. Marbletwine Cowl from Anthropologie. Chunky scarves are all the rage, plus they really up the warm factor.  This knit one looks cuddly and comes in three colors.

5. Lumi Posts from Anthropologie. There’s nothing worse than taking a scarf or sweater on and off over your head and getting your earrings caught.  Studs are the way to go this winter.  Pretty snowflake inspired ones like these are perfect.


Friday Favorites

December 12, 2014



I love mustard!  After checking out my outfits from last week and this week, it’s apparent.

1. Sweater and pants from StitchFix, shirt from Italy, and warm winter boots by Uggs.

2. Sweater from Anthropologie, thrifted dress, ring bought at Influence Conf, tights from Calezdonia, and boots by Uggs.

3. Sweater and grey pants from StitchFix, ring from the Bazaar Bazaar, boots by Steve Madden.

4. Sweater from Target, shirt from Old Navy, necklace from the Bazaar Bazaar, Levi’s jeans, and boots by Uggs.

The internet is vast.  Let’s narrow it down:


The Humans by Matt Haig

December 10, 2014

I actually finished this book some time ago, and it’s taken me a while to process.  The premise is that Professor Andrew Martin, a nasty, mathematics professor, is dead before the book starts and occupied by an alien trying to hide a recent discovery of his.  His objective is to kill everyone who knows about […]

Friday Favorites

December 5, 2014

  I did not post the last two weeks because school was cancelled, and it turns out when I don’t have to leave the house I don’t change out of my pajamas.  But I’m back! 1. Sweater from H&M, thrifted dress, tights from Calezdonia, and boots from ModCloth. 2. Shirt and sweater from Target, fancy […]

NaNoWriMo: Update the third

December 2, 2014

  I did it!  I wrote 50,000 words about one story.  Yes, I did it in one month as well, but the winning for me is sticking with something and finishing it.  Well, mostly finishing (need to work on the ending and the whole rest of the novel for that matter).  I have never written […]

hello december

December 1, 2014

  Hello, December.  It’s lovely of you to greet us with such a warm, beautiful day.  Please don’t make us pay for it later.  Hello, frosty windows and bare trees.  Hello busy weeks and ending terms.  Hustle and bustle and ho, ho, hoing.  Hi, Christmas and advent.  Carols and twinkle lights.  Even though you tried […]