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July 15, 2014

PicMonkey Collage

Landline by Rainbow Rowell just came out July 8th and I finished it July 9th. I’m looking forward to reading this again and instead of racing to the finish underlining and savoring. This is the story of a woman who loves her husband and is trying to figure out how to stay in love with him. When she finds a phone that can call her husband in the past, she tries to reconcile who she was then to who she has become. This book is another triumph from Rowell. There are so many truths in here written in a beautiful way. I know this book just came out, but I can’t wait for her next one.

Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw is about a deadly jam that obliterates the whole of Melbourne. I can’t decide if I liked this book or not. There was some good writing and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happens, but the jury is still out on a thumbs up or thumbs down. Read it so we can discuss and decide.

The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger is a series of documents that tells the story of divorce and the thoughts of lawyer Sophie. This was alright, although often the technical nature of the divorce documents bored me some. I loved hearing Sophie’s thoughts on life in 1999, when the book is set.


The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo is engaging. Bardugo creates a magical world of the Grisha who can manipulate elements of their world. When Alina discovers late that she has the power to summon the sun. This means that she has the potential to destroy the fold, a dark evil that terrorizes her country, Ravka. These books are plot driven and the characters are flawed, my favorite kind of people. I haven’t finished the third book yet, but I like the first two so much that I’m already recommending them.

My reading this summer started slow. I was actually getting down on myself about it. In the last 2 weeks, it’s been a book a day. Crazy!

Please share any good summer reads you’ve found. My to be read list is long, but I’m always looking for good titles to add.



While my out-of-town niece and nephew were visiting, my aunt and sister and I planned a road trip to the Natural Bridge that was going to be either a disaster or a delight.  Thank God, it was a delight.  At the Natural Bridge zoo these little punks got to live out one of my dreams of riding an elephant.


A cool down in the Natural Bridge Caverns was absolutely necessary after the sweatfest at the sunny zoo.  It was a cool 42 degrees and the kids experienced cave darkness.  I’m pretty sure it freaked them out, but in the best way possible.


The last stop was the bridge itself.  I had really hyped up the bridge in my mind.  After four years of driving past the advertisement to and from college, I braced myself for disappointment.  I kept thinking it was going to be one of those roadside attractions that sounds awesome, but is really not as cool as the hype.

But this thing was pretty awesome.


Not only was the bridge wondrous, but the river and trails surrounding it were idyllic and beautiful.



As I’ve mentioned before, I keep discrediting Virginia and the great things it has to offer.  But God didn’t slight us and give the rest of the world more.  He’s done good work.  I’m so thankful I got to enjoy it with such great punks.


hello july

July 1, 2014

  Hello, July.  Hello fireworks and barbecues and sparklers.  Hello pool parties and coconut scented sun lotion.  Hi warm nights and hotter days.  I see you freckled shoulders and flip flop tan lines.  Seasonal wavy hair, you’re awesome.  I’ve missed you writing, even though it’s only been a few weeks.  Hi, study packs.  You’re more […]

Band of Horses at The National

June 24, 2014

  I don’t think of myself as a music or concert person.  In the car, I usually listen to audiobooks or podcasts.  At my gym, we listen to pop and techno and old school rap.  When I’m writing or working I usually prefer silence or the gentle clacking of coffee shops. But music makes you […]

Sam and Matt

June 19, 2014

“EPIC BATTLE,” Sam and Matt said at the same time. They crashed their plastic controllers together in salute.  Their faces glowed brightly from the flashes of the TV screen.  Matt’s glasses reflecting back the scenes from Extraterrestrial Explorers.  Sometimes, Sam was tempted to see if he could play by only looking in Matt’s glasses.  The […]

From the mountains to the sea

June 17, 2014

Having lived in Europe for so many years, sometimes I dismiss the United States.  I think that unless I get on a plane to New York City or Miami or Seattle there’s no where worth while to go.  This past week I went to the mountains and to the beach all within a few hours […]