hello May

May 1, 2016


Hello, May.

May, I’m so happy to see you. We’re almost halfway through the year.

Hello, thunderstorms. Hi cool mornings and warm afternoons. Hello teaching Shakespeare for the first time. You’re equal parts exciting and intimidating. Hey, taking classes instead of teaching them. You’re equal parts exciting and intimidating. Hi, strawberries and apricots.

May, big things are happening. Let’s get them done.


hello april

April 1, 2016


Hello, April.

Hello birthday month! You’re on a Saturday this year, and I have something great lined up. Hello writing schedule. I’m going to get up early even if I write “I don’t know what to write” for 30 minutes every morning. Hi dogwood blossoms. You’re my favorite. Hey pollen. You are not my favorite. Hello late 9-weeks of school. I’m so happy to see you.

April, we’re especially close.


hello March

March 1, 2016

Hello, March. Hello spring time. Hi blossoms, springing forward, and blue skies. Hello home stretch. Spring break and Easter and tests. Hey, neon green buds. Hello long sunny evenings and warmer puppy prayer walks. Come on, March. Let’s roll.

95 and feeling fine

February 21, 2016

This is my Aunt Bea. She’s my paternal grandpa’s sister. Bea turned 95 this week. She’s one of the happiest, most upbeat people I know. I firmly believe that her good attitude contributes to her health and long life. I pray that my life can be as long, influential, and happy as hers. So here’s […]

Galentine's day prep! #galentinesday">Happy Galentine’s Day!Galentine's day prep! #galentinesday

February 13, 2016

I am an un-ironic lover of Valentine’s Day. My family made it special. We celebrate our love for each other. I transferred that to as many other people in my life as I thought would accept heart-shaped cards without getting weirded out. Then I got Netflix and started watching Parks & Rec for the first […]

hello February

February 1, 2016

Hello, February. Hi, second month. Hello, leap month. You’re one of my favorite rare treats. Even though you’re short, I know it’s going to be full of productivity, books, drinks, puppy bow ties, and writing. Hey, Galentine’s Day. I’m psyched to celebrate you this year. Come on, more snow days. I wouldn’t be mad at […]