Friday Favorites

October 24, 2014



I looked adorable this week!  Here’s where my outfits are from:


1. Shirt and pants from StitchFix and shoes by Franco Sarto.

2. Sweater and pants from StitchFix, shirt from Old Navy, and booties by Gianni Bini.

3. Dress from StitchFix, scarf bought in Germany (don’t remember where from), boots by Steve Madden.

4. Sweater from H&M, thrifted dress, tights from UO, and boots from ModCloth.

Now on to some things that tweaked my brain this week:

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I might have been a little ambitious to challenge myself to read one book a week with this Harry Potter Project.  The Order of the Phoenix is 870 pages.  The Goblet of Fire was 760.  Add in two jobs, grading papers, crossfit, volunteer responsibilities, looking cute, and NaNoWriMo novel planning?  That’s a mentally exhausted Nikki.

On Instagram I noted that by judging the cover of this book to the ones proceeding, this one looked much more promising of the complexity of characters and emotions I was hoping for.  And finally, Harry is starting to feel more than one emotion at a time.  However, it seems his default emotion for this book was angsty anger.  Harry’s anger is a self-centered, teenage anger.  So I tend to be more patient with this kind of emotion.  Having been a self-centered teenager myself in the past, I know what it feels like.  However after almost 900 pages, it gets a little old, which brings me to Hermione.  I love how she keeps putting him in his place in a loving and gentle way.

This book might have been 200 pages too long, but the story kept me entertained the whole time.  It wasn’t that I felt that the story was dragging, but rather that I kept thinking, “What else could happen that’s going to take another 150 pages?!”  And then I found out.

The characters are getting more complex and feeling more emotions, which means I’m getting more attached to them.  That’s what I love in literature, getting attached to characters.  Falling in love with fictional people or wanting to befriend fictional people is one of the reasons that I love books.  I want to be friends with Fred and George.  I want to have dinner at The Burrow.

Favorite part: Fred and George Weasley going rogue and making a swamp in the school then jetting off on their brooms from Umbridge’s office.  So.  Perfect.


Friday Favorites

October 17, 2014

  Happy Friday!  I got my hairs cut.  This is the shortest I’ve been since college, and I’m really loving it.  Unless people are lying straight to my face (possible), the public’s loving it, too.  According to Coco Chanel, “When a woman changes her hair, she’s ready to change her life.” Cute outfits this week […]

The Harry Potter Project: The Goblet of Fire

October 14, 2014

Thank the Lord I enjoyed this 734 page book.  I knew that it was a chunkster and significantly bigger than the others before this, but over 700 pages… So glad I enjoyed it. While there was a big battle at the end with Harry battling Voldemort, it wasn’t 650 pages leading up to that.  This […]

Friday Favorites: a day late

October 11, 2014

1. Sweater from Target, necklace from ModCloth, white tee from Banana Republic, jeans from Levi’s and moccasins are Minnetonka. 2. Sweater and tee from Target, skirt from Ann Taylor Loft, boots by Steven Madden. 3. Sweater from Target, necklace from a craft fair, grey tee from Banana Republic, floral pants from StitchFix, and boots from […]

The Harry Potter Project: The Prisoner of Azkaban

October 7, 2014

This book was a let down.  It started so promising with Harry running away from the Dursley’s and finding out a black dog was following him, then made a slow downturn.  It took me just as long to get through the first quarter as the last 3/4.  Nothing happened other than another year of school […]