Any time I went into a Starbucks, Panera, or Barnes and Noble and saw people wearing oversized headphones tippity tap tapping away on their laptops, I got a little smug.  We get it.  You’re important and have important work to do.  You need to be validated by strangers admiring your hard work ethic.  I’d always try to sneak peeks of their computer screens to see who was playing Words with Friends and who was actually working.  I am not as subtle as I like to think I am, getting many a stink eye in response.   I’d stick my nose higher in the air, order a too sweet drink, and sashay out of there reassuring myself that these coffee shop workers weren’t better than me.  I didn’t have to pay $4.50 to work.  I could work for free at home.  Harumph.

Then I moved in with my chatty parents, got an adorably needy dog, and had a mountain of papers to grade with a desk not big enough to hold both my laptop and the unmarked essay.  I packed up my school bag, hauled way more than I needed to Panera, ordered a sweet tea, and knocked out 26 essays in one sitting.  It was hard to straighten my back when I was finished, but the uninterrupted, distraction free environment paid off.  It was worth every penny of the $2.58 I paid for a drink that went undrunk. 

Working from home has its merits.  It’s nice to wear old, crusty t-shirts and to tell pants to get effed.  It’s nice to take breaks to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer and to take the dog for a walk to prevent early onset hunchback disease.  But when you’re on a deadline and there’s an unopened bag of Goldfish in the pantry calling your name, it’s better to put on pants, pack up, and head out to the coffee shop.  Of course, the work places outside of home still have the abyss of the internet for distraction, but if you’re that determined to not get work done, it doesn’t matter where you set up shop. 


Top 5 Friday

July 3, 2015



This black and white print dress has horses on it.  I’ve always wanted a dress with horses.  Thrift stores making dreams come true.  I paired it with red Toms.  Outfit 2 is from StitchFix with thrifted Betula Birkenstocks.

  1. Joy’s started a Compliment Club.  I’m joining, and you’re invited, too.  First rule of Compliment Club? Look positive.
  2. Here’s what happens when a man eats nothing but food marketed to women for two weeks.  Not much, but he gets why so many of us are miserable.  We’re hangry.
  3. This 97-year-old woman is living life right.  If I can live like her, 97 is going to be awesome.
  4. Reading habits based on Hogwarts houses.  Hufflepuff for life, suckas.
  5. I am guilty of saying sorry when it’s not necessary.  Why women are saying sorry and should stop. #sorrynotsorry


hello July

July 1, 2015

  Hello, July.  Hello coconut scented sun screen and pink, tinder skin.  Hello summer freckles and mismatched tan lines.  Hi oversized sunglasses and coral colored toes.  Hey there sweat trickles and upper lip perspiration.  Hi berry iced tea, watermelon, and corndogs.  Pitchers of margaritas. Peeks of golden shoulders.  Late evening strolls with the pup. Come […]

Saturday Top 5

June 27, 2015

  Happy weekend! Here’s my top 5 from the week: The evolution of Michael Jackson songs.  Nailed it. Summer time means road trips, hopefully you’re going to the beach.  Here’s 36 of the best audio books for the way. I know it’s summer, but I’m trying to do a lot of things, which can lead […]

Contraband Concert

June 24, 2015

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to listen to non-Christian music.  I was pretty isolated from all pop culture, as my parents were fighting vigilantly to keep my innocence intact.  It mostly worked, but as far as music was concerned, it was readily accessible on the radio, in friends’ cars, and through burned CDs.  Also, […]

Top 5 Friday

June 19, 2015

  I have to wait a whole year to see this movie… bummer. Ask a Feminist talks about “a quiet word” this week.  Spot on.  Taylor Swift as Fangirl. LOVE.  31 thoughts all book lovers have while finding a new book to read. Jon Stewart doesn’t have any jokes about what happened in Charleston, South […]