Top 5 Sunday

November 8, 2015

Perfect 81 degree fall day. #rva


  1. Warm fall days.
  2. Decorated shelves.
  3. Puppy snuggz increase.
  4. Chewy and crunchy chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Too much good fiction.


Hello November

November 1, 2015

Mondays, am I right? #yorkie


Hello, November. Hi, month 11. You arrived quickly. Hello manic rush to meet year end goals. Hello NaNoWriMo. I’m going to be participating differently this year by just trying to write whenever I can everyday. Hi hoodies and wool socks and gloves. I can’t say I missed you defroster. Hello layers and scarves and being a bundle. Hey, puppy snuggs. You’re sweet.


Hello October

October 1, 2015

  Hello, October. Hello rainy days. Cool afternoons and mugs of hot tea. Hi rain boots and hooded sweatshirts and old man sweaters. Hello house. You fit us perfectly. Hi there, weekends in and self-made meals. Entertaining, good memory making, and soup simmering all day. Hello good books. Y’all always come out in October. Hey, […]

Hello September

September 1, 2015

  Hello, September. Hello, new school year. Hi, pencils and books and papers and papers and papers. Hello, regular schedule. Packed lunches and early bed times. Oh, hey there new house. I can’t wait to move into you. Goodbye, savings. Even though I know you’re well spent, I’m gonna miss seeing your pretty number when […]

Vacation Top 5

August 21, 2015

  The late, great Stephen Colbert. I’ve been on vacation for a week, and I’m just about ready to go home. This woman has been on vacation for 3 years. Why social media stars really truly matter. And if you’re anti-social media, here are some books you can read by said stars. I’ve vacationed in […]

Thoughts from Vacation

August 19, 2015

I’m on vacation this week, and I’ve been thinking about what makes driving hundreds of miles and staying in an unfamiliar house more relaxing than staying at home. I understand the validity of “getting away” and “escaping” responsibilities. But why can’t I do that at home on a Saturday? Is it the physical distance? Because […]